The City Hub Campaign & Identity

The vision casting info graphic was broadcast at the in-house launch of the fundraising process. The video introduced the big picture and built anticipation for the Buy a Brick • Build a Legacy campaign, which successfully raised over $20,000 to acquire and begin renovation on The City Hub, which will house Rustbelt Coffee & Cream Living, whose proceeds will benefit Toledo area nonprofits, as well as providing office and conference space.

The info graphic video moved from initial concept to completion in three days. Once the creative direction was established and the script written, I storyboarded the content and began creating graphic elements while the voiceover was being recorded. The assets were then combined in After Effects to render the final product.

The first 30 day phase of the campaign included two different brochures. The first, which was distributed in the vision casting service, included a letter to the Life Chapel assembly reiterating how the project harmonized with the overall vision of their efforts across the 419 area code and outlining the spiritual goals and benefits of the project. Because we wanted to reach a wider audience with our fundraising efforts, we created a separate brochure that focused on how The City Hub would benefit area nonprofits and support their efforts across the 419. The community brochure included information about the nonprofits as well as two artist’s concepts detailing the planned aesthetic of the space.

The main thrust of the Buy a Brick • Build a Legacy campaign was to sell bricks which would be used to build a community support/prayer wall featured prominently inside the location, so that visitors can see who supported the project. We included four support levels, each aimed at a different demographic, from singles, to families to a corporate sponsorship, which included a logo.

As the necessary funds rolled in to begin renovation, we maintained a high support level for volunteer efforts for the project via an aggressive combination of announcement screens and social media announcements. Once the renovation was underway, I turned my attention toward developing The City Hub identity. We needed something easily recognizable that could be branded across products. I presented several concepts that each touched on aspects of the project goals, and ultimately we gravitated toward a minimalist solution. The final logo gives a nod to the shape of the building, which stands out in its simplicity among the decadent architecture surrounding it, combined with a clean geometric typeface to match the urban landscape aesthetic. 

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