What is your Brand Story?

Every great brand story includes a few indispensable elements.

  •  THE HERO - That's you. You have chosen to answer the call of your heart and embark upon an adventure to add value to the world.
  •  THE CONFLICT - Every great story includes adversity. This is the dragon you are destined to slay (a.k.a. your business pain or the obstacle you are trying to overcome.) 
  •  THE MENTOR - A mysterious figure who aids the Hero with knowledge and tools to slay the dragon and emerge victorious in his quest. That's where we come in. Through the magic of Brand Alchemy, we provide clarification and execute strategies that help you connect with your tribe emotionally and intellectually and improve your bottom line.

How Can We Help Craft Your Story?

Business Storytelling

Learn how to craft your
authentic brand story and
manifest its full potential.

Compelling Identity

Put a face on your brand
that reflects your deep values
emotionally & intellectually.

Impact Collateral

You only have one chance
to make a first impression.
Maxmimize your opportunity.

A Few Success Stories

Covered International

The City Hub

Trinity College


LenTex Lighting

Savannah Hineline

Covered International

Beautiful! The work you do for Covered International always looks amazing. Thank you for your expertise and excellence.

The GOLD Gala collateral looks fantastic (as always!) Thank you for providing elegant professionalism to the fight against human trafficking.

Rev. Dr. David Bell

Trinity College

INTJ Design is something rare today—quality and enthusiasm for the client that connects on an intellectual, as well as emotional level. I have used their work in various adult education classes and it always goes down a treat.

Ron Lennex

LenTex Lighting

A huge thank you to INTJ Design for designing our new logos and artwork. Robert is awesome to work with. He's not only talented but he's very patient and very accommodating with his clients. We enjoyed the entire process from start to finish, and Robert has a knack for capturing the essence of what we were looking for.

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